Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A "Cariboo Track" steps in for Cariboo Jack

Minus 12C at breakfast; sunny skies ... a perfect day for a pleasant ski from Forest Rose Campground near Barkerville to the One Mile Road and meadows in Wells along the new bike trail. Isabelle and Spencer Knoke, Beth Collingwood, Yael Wand, Bill Horne, Bruce Self and Heather Peters ventured out with Stella and Mort as four-legged scouts.

One skier unfortunately had to turn back due to viral fatigue, but the rest of the party found the trail in better condition than expected. Aside from some icy "tree pee" in the narrow sections, the snow was excellent. Lovely to encounter three dog teams at One Mile heading towards Barkerville.

Thanks to Yael for the photos...

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t0m said...

Great photos... looks like you had a fantastic day! Good to see the trail gets some use.