Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cariboo Jacqueline 2011

On January 22, Dave Jorgenson ( and I skied from Wendle and Bonner Lakes not far from Wells on the Bowron Lake Road on much of the legendary "Able's Amble" route, which cruises through some lovely meadows behind Valley Mountain before dropping back down to the One Mile Road near Downey Pass. Since we were taking an alternative route to the Cariboo Waggon Road from Stanley to Barkerville, we figured it deserved a new name, hence Jacqueline.

There was a LOT of snow and with just the two of us to look for and break the trail, it was physically demanding; I think we were out there most of the day! But there are some lovely vistas from that route. Some pretty big cut blocks, too.

Next year maybe we ought to loop back around from Wendle Lake to Devlin's Bench and take the Forest Rose-Valley Mountain Trail back to Wells ;-)

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